BaloonBobber® Cluster Kits (MC-117 • MC-118 • MC-119)

As low as $64.95

Perfect solution if you are tired of the expense and hassle of helium balloons!

Vinyl balloons filled with regular air that move gently in the wind. Our amazing BalloonBobbers® last longer than regular latex balloons because the are made of a durable PVC vinyl. No need to inflate balloons and put them out daily. These balloons hold their air and are reusable. Available in a variety of colors and mounting options. Stop wasting money on helium! Start using BalloonBobbers® to market your event, business or property. Each kit comes complete with balloons, poles, brackets, screws, stems and ground stake for mounting.  Click here to order an optional Weighted Base (DS-120).

• Staggered 3, 5 or 6-balloon cluster visibility
• Mount anywhere with ground stake OR optional weighted base
• A new spin on the cluster pole kit

Kit Styles:  3-Balloon, 5-Balloon, or 6-Balloon Kit

Balloon Colors:  Yellow, Orange, Red, Burgundy, Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Blue, Dark Blue, Teal, Lime, Green, Gold, White, Red SALE, White SALE (w/ red letters}, Blue SALE, White SALE (w/ blue letters), Yellow SALE, Smiley, Red Checkered, Blue Checkered, Black Checkered, American Flag

With your choice of three eye-catching balloons, the triple Cluster Kit easily stakes into the ground OR stands on the weighted base (optional) to add extra attention to your property.
Kit includes:
(3)  BalloonBobber® in any color
(3)  Upper Holding Cups
(3)  Conversion Buttons
(1)  Cluster Pole
(1)  Cluster Bracket
(1)  Ground Stake
(3)  Security Screws
(3)  Flexible Fiberglass Stems

Get the added attention your property needs with this Cluster Kit!  With your choice of five vibrant colored balloons, this kit easily stakes into landscaped or soft grounded areas to turn heads with a pop of color and curb-appeal.
Kit includes:
(5)  BalloonBobber® in any color
(5)  Upper Holding Cups
(5)  Conversion Buttons
(1)  Fiberglass Ground Stake
(1)  Ground Plate
(2)  Cluster Bracket
(1)  Cluster Pole
(5)  Security Screws
(1)  Flexible Fiberglass Stems

This gigantic 6-Balloon Cluster Kit is quite the eye-catcher and can be mounted on any landscaped of soft ground area! With your choice of six brightly colored balloons, this kit easily stakes into the ground and adds extra attention-grabbing flair to your property.
Kit includes:
(6)  BalloonBobber® balloons in any color
(1)  6-Way Hub
(6)  Upper Holding Cups
(6)  Conversion Buttons
(1)  Mega Pole
(1)  Mega Stem
(3)  Mega Plate Stake
(1)  MegaPlate Ball
(1)  MegaPlate
(1)  Metal Ground Spike

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